picture time

Category: everyday | June 8th, 2010

parents to be
so husband told me the other day that we don’t take enough pictures anymore. i thought that was cute. true too. i would take a thousand pics of us or whatever we were doing when we were dating but ever since we got married i guess life got in the way. lol. BUT now that we have a little one on the way….we thought of how fun it was to see pics of our parents when we were tiny and how funny they looked. ;) jk. so we busted out a cam on the way to target. gotta start somewhere. :)
so i’ve already had two slurpees during this pregnancy. not a good start. considering it has probably been YEARS since i have had one before. baby can’t get addicted to this amazing stuff. cutting back. ha
extra yum
thank goodness it’s summer too and dress season. all i want to wear are dresses. nothing that is tight. not a fun time to show off the “protective fat layer” going on. haha.
me: yep…there’s a lil nugget in there. (.96 of a centimeter to be exact)
him: whoa…there’s a baby in there! :)
here’s to taking more pics!!! i want to start my weekly pregger letters soon! get excited for those.

peace and love