photo album makeover.

Category: DIY | February 17th, 2010

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i had a few mini photo albums laying around. the ones that are nice….but a little boring in style. but if you are like me and have a kagillion pics already and do not need any¬† more albums laying around then there’s so much more to these little albums.
plain photo album
here’s one of them. simple, textured, off white album. not bad. BUT i decided to make it more of a journal, verse jotting album instead. i started a new bible study on thursday nights and this way i can use this lil one to help me keep my fav verses in. so instead of pics i will use note cards.
i didn’t really have a theme in mind, but i thought i would use these fun silk leaves. oh and the hot glue gun does wonders.
one of my things i want to work on is praying…(i listed a few more from a past post too!) so i dedicated this album to prayer and fav verses, and also to remind me of certain things or people to pray about! so if you need any, let me know!! :)
prayer book
throw in some lace and yarn and yay!
this is a great idea for those who are wanting to jot things down and keep it handy….in a cute little album. BUT these can be used for all sorts of favs like life quotes, movie quotes, fun jokes, even the daily to do lists.
flash cards
this is the inside so far….blank…i know. gotta get started. i am so excited to use this little gem. AND it’s a beautiful day outside!!! so took my lil prayer book outside for some quiet time….and get my fill of vitamin D for the day. :)
what would you fill your mini photo album up with?!

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peace and love