penelope’s room: nursery tour

Category: baby | February 22nd, 2012

i finally got around to taking pictures of miss p’s room, so now you get a little (and i mean little, her room is tiny) tour of this baby girl’s room. :) this room is full of handmade and love. i had different plans at first with colors but i love how it turned out.

before we knew miss p was a girl we already had an orange and yellow color scheme picked out. then we were just going to add splashes of pink or baby blue. pink won. (might have taken over a bit too). colors were really the only theme, so all of her stuff is pretty much a mix…which fits my eclectic style perfectly. (the mister’s?….not so much). ;) we were very blessed with friends and family who gifted us with all of p’s furniture too. yay!

P loves looking at photos of her family on the wooden wire frames i made. (i especially love the convenience of changing out the photos). that bookshelf used to be pretty much empty before her birthday. my mom even brought a few books of mine that i loved when i was tiny. she LOVES all of those books…and pulling them out one by one, every time she goes in there. ;)

oooh her closet. it’s actually a really small closet. so her clothes are packed in. and a HUGE thank you to my sis who provides all of P’s clothes. gotta love hand-me-downs! and clearly she needs lots of bows/headbands for that bald head of hers. so we have a nice collection going. :)

i’ve been meaning to recover the glider (it’s a baby blue color), but umm i have been busy. plus the awesome crocheted blanket my sister in law made for P covers it up nicely. :) i got the light fixture from urban outfitters a looong time ago. that thing has been with me for forever. something fun to pass down. also, the lovely “you are my sunshine” print is from a dear from of mine, the letter studio. this is a special song to P since we sang/sing it to her all of the time. it’s perfect for her room!

my mom made the sweet mason jar snow globe out of little trinkets that were hers when she was a little girl. i love it! the photo of the woman nursing used to be my mother in laws and she gave it to me right before P was born. :)

the tissue pom poms that are hanging above her crib were originally made for a dear friend’s couples shower awhile back. clearly i couldn’t just throw them away. (they took some time to make). ;) they fit perfectly in her room. i painted the tree painting for her too. :) the poem to the left of the painting was too sweet to not print out and hang. you can too! i also made her crib sheet with some fun amy butler fabric. see that awesome baby blanket?? my great grandmother made that blanket a long time ago for her future grand babies (and great grand babies). there were only two left and this one matched perfectly!!! it was such a sweet surprise when my mom gave it to me with a note written by my great grandmother (ps…she lived to be 103!). the bunny was a gift from sweet friends and i’m really trying to make it be p’s toy that she carries around by the ear and drags on the floor and gets all torn and ratty to where i have to accidentally lose it when she’s 4. hahaha. too much?? ;) also the pink sign with the girl praying used to be mine as a child.

my sister gave us the three wooden signs. these worked wonders and distracted p during diaper changes. (i have tried making a song out of the phrases but no luck so far). the orange basket was made by a friend with some pretty vintage fabric. oh and can’t forget the nourish baby skin products. ;) the picture frame happens to match the three wooden signs, and has the very first picture of miss p at 7 weeks old. and those tiny baby booties used to be mine. :)

the mirror is thrifted. the coat rack used to be mine. along with those sweaters. :) (thanks mom for keeping all these things!!) and of course i had to make a yarn letter for miss P. you can’t tell because of the lighting but it’s a burnt orange color (hook ’em!). The piece below was made by a sweet mama during a craft exchange event i did. such a neat idea! and last but not least, here are some flowers i made out of toilet paper rolls. lol. (yes i keep everything for a craft).

i love this room. it may look cluttered from the pics but it’s a pretty clutter. ;) so much love in this room. thanks for stopping by and looking!