petals in your hair (tutorial)

Category: DIY | January 25th, 2010

flower pedal head band

pedals headband

i got this inspiration from a hair piece i saw awhile back from anthropologie, but i can’t find a picture of it…i guess it was really awhile back. but anyways i thought i’d share with you how i made them. the fun thing about these is that there’s all sorts of ways you can do this, from different colors to sizes and then arrangements. so i will just show you one way for now…(oh and they look like flower pedals to me, so i will call them petals) :)

step 1: grab the colors of felt you like. this is a good project for extra scraps laying around too!
felt scraps
step 2: figure out what size you want the petals to be. i did a lot of experimenting with the sizes but for this one i used about 2 1/2 inches in diameter for the top and about 2 inches for the bottom. (the size of the base is how big the petals will be)
step 3: cut them out! i usually trace all my circles first and then cut them all out at once.
cut out felt
step 4: take the top (bigger) piece. you can call this the starting position. ;)
starting position
step 5: this is where you want to make a “dart.” for those who don’t know what that is, simply fold over the right side with the end point at the center of the circle
fold over
step 6: this is what it looks like folded over…and then a side view of the fold.
folded overside view of fold
step 7: pin the fold and now you’re ready to sew it down
pin fold
step 8: start the stitch on the outside (about 1/4 inch away from the fold) and sew all the way to the point in the middle
sew the dart
then you get this!
sewn dart
step 9: take the top part you just did and pin it on top of the base piece. it probably won’t fit perfectly just by laying it down, but try to pin them together with the edges together. (this will give that poof of added material since they do not match perfectly)…not sure if that made sense :)
pin back
step 10: sew the pieces together with an 1/8 inch seam allowance.
sew together
and then you get this!
sewn flower
and this is the back…
sewn back
sooo you do this several times and you get a bunch of cute petals…
sewn flowers
the more you do it the better you’ll get…trust me. lol oh and i didn’t plan it, but this is another cute valentine’s piece! for these three i ended up making a headband.
pedals headband
i cheated and used a hot glue gun for the petals but you can stitch them as well.
back of pedals headband
i used some of this fabric to cover underneath. again i just a hot glue gun. she’s my best friend.
pedals headband
yay! hope you like it. let me know if you make anything with the petals! i have more to come. off to mocha monday with my girls. hope everyone had a great day!!

peace and love