onesie makeover

Category: DIY | November 29th, 2011

remember when i thought i was dyeing the right color for P’s halloween costume? well the FIRST one i did came out with a stain. (then i did another yellow one which is nice and pretty, but then realized it needed to be orange so did another one…thank goodness i had lots of white onesies). anyways, if you know me then you know i keep everything that i think can be used for some type of makeover/craft. so clearly, i kept the messed up yellow onesie. and here’s a cute/super easy makeover.

1. materials: old/stained clothing, lace (or other trimmings), pins, and sewing maching (or you could be really cool/patient and hand sew it)
2. measure the lace, cut the lace, fold the ends over and sew ends
3. pin in place
4. sew it down
5. and done! easy peasy.

*a little bit goes a long way. i love easy makeovers!