one wedding down…

Category: everyday | July 25th, 2011

two more to go!!! i love weddings. it feels like i haven’t been to that many lately. but i guess i am making up for it now. 3 weddings in less than a year, the mister was a groomsmen in this past weekend one and i’m a bridesmaid in the next two…with miss penny pants being a flower girl in the last one. hehe. can’t wait!

we had a fun time last weekend with the wedding. everything went smoothly and there was lots of dancing going on. :) since the mister was in the wedding he was gone most of the days and gone for one night, so we had even more mama and daughter time. we went exploring the town. it was super nice there, conroe, texas, but sooooooooooo humid. wow. i opened the door one morning and my glasses immediately fogged up. haha.

and on the way home we went and visited my friend felicia, who i haven’t seen in forever, and i got to meet her super cute baby girl for the first time! you know how you keep up with friends through blogs and facebook and see all their pics and what not….well it was nice to finally meet that cute face…and hair! P had hair envy. i’m sure if she got close enough she would have pulled her hair. ;) wish i would have taken a few pics of them…they were super cute together. and she even let P play with her toys.

now it’s back to work. :) i need to get myself organized. i don’t have another road trip until a couple more weeks so hopefully i can get things done before then. one of them being…getting back to blogging more. because i know you folks like to know what’s going on in my life. :) i definitely need to do more crafts too! and, not gonna lie….i love the fact that Christmas stuff is popping up already. makes me happy! :)