one piece at a time

Category: everyday | September 20th, 2011

just got this fun and super easy wall decal from Lucy Lews. i love it!! i am slowly but surely adding stuff to our home. slowly as in i’ll put stuff up every now and then so the mister won’t notice that super girly piece that i put in the kitchen. ;) although i’m taking a step back and waiting a bit (hopefully not too long!!). the mister agreed to sell all of our dining room and living room furniture (too manly looking, he got it when he was a bachelor) and get new stuff (well new to us at least). there’s this new place called Revival that is just down the road from us and it’s all vintage/antique/salvaged stuff. IN LOVE. took the mister there on saturday and he loved some of the pieces too. there’s hope! long story short…i’m excited. :) so i’m trying my best to wait on the decorating part until we get our foundation pieces. sigh. this is hard for me since i am home all the time and can’t stand looking at blank walls. can’t wait to share the updates…whenever they happen! :)