next party?

Category: everyday | January 17th, 2012

it’s officially time to take down her party decorations. sigh. some will be saved, some will be hung in my “studio”, and the rest will be thrown out. sigh. it was so much fun planning it and getting it all set up. even all the last minute stressing. haha. my life would not be normal if everything was done on time. ;) a HUGE thank you to my mom for helping me the night before with stuff…i might have put her to work and made her stay up really late. and i might have taken a few hours of sleep away from my dad. they are troopers. :) and also thanks to my dad, the mister, and my sister for helping with the set up too. appreciation all around!!! oh and for my sweet friend katy who made the fabulous cake and took pics! (which i also kept her up way past her bedtime…SOO sorry!) ;)

i might be having technical difficulties with the photos from the party at the moment….but that will be taken care of (hopefully) by tomorrow. so the plan is to post the party pics tomorrow. :)

now what?? well there’s tons to be done! one project/event at a time. :) i have a few etsy orders to do and then need to get started on my friend’s bridal shower coming up!!! yay! anyone else having a party that needs decorations?? :) maybe i should become a party decorator! (i’m not that good..just would be fun) ;)

oh and i did make sure to have a night off last night. painted my nails. drank a lil jam jar. and caught up on some shows. it was nice. now it’s back to work. :)