new year

Category: everyday | January 2nd, 2011

hope everyone had a fun and safe celebration! we had the youth lock-in. let me tell you…it was hardcore. if i wasn’t about to have a baby, i still don’t know if i could have made it like those kids. i’m surprised i made it til midnight. but i did. with big bags under my eyes…and a big smile. kissed my hubby, drank some sparkling cider, and left the group to go home. to sleep you think…but noooo. let’s just say cedar fever plus heartburn does not equal a lovely nights sleep. ps. i’ve never had heartburn before so it was a little weird not knowing what was going on. i will say that i am thankful that that was the only time i have had it…so far. trying to be positive here. :)

still haven’t made my resolutions just yet, but am excited to figure those out. 2011 will be quite an adventure. and i am super excited to start it.

peace and love