new pieces to the shop

Category: everyday | March 10th, 2011

so i added some new things to the shop. (working on other colors too) i am slowly but surely getting used to this. it’s fun!!

i find it kind of hard putting up stuff that i make online for others to possibly buy….i get mixed feelings of “who would want to buy this?!” and maybe feeling sad if no one does buy them. haha but you know…you never know until you try. so yea, i’m trying. and if know one does buy, well then that’s okay…i’ll have tons of hair stuff to wear myself. ;) i LOVE feedback….so if you have any suggestions or ideas of what you would buy yourself, etc. then please do tell!! i’m still learning!

on another note…i did make my first sale! thank you C! :) it was pretty exciting. happy thursday! have a great day!

peace and love

  • Alyssa

    did you get my spotlight? Just wondering! Love the headband … I will buy one when I have some money! I have…20 cents at the moment! LOL!

    • Kristen McAshan

      yes i did…sorry haven’t replied back. i like to give each spotlight a couple of days. so you are up next! :)

  • Autumn

    Yay for you!! New products are always so exciting! Well, not always… sometimes, I take mine off after a couple of days… lol

    • Kristen McAshan

      @autumn haha. i hear ya. ;)

  • Cath

    The pleasure was all mine : )
    I wore the purple bow to work today and while I wanted to take the credit for making it, I told co-workers they could have one too and gave them your Etsy information.

    Tomorrow is going to come. You can do nothing or you can take a chance, either way another day will pass. This has been my mantra and has helped propel me through grad school. Go for it!