new! home sweet home

Category: everyday | June 24th, 2010

hello lovely readers. i know my posts have dwindled down a bit lately but hopefully in a few more weeks (when i reach my 2nd trimester) i will regain all my energy back and feel amazing. apparently that happens…so i’ve heard. i sure hope so! i miss being crafty! i have all these ideas in my head but no energy to do them. :)
anyways….another HUGE and fun announcement! since we’re expanding our little family, we thought we should expand our little apartment. soooo through a long (and somewhat painful) wait…we are proud 1st time home owners!!!!!!!! it was definitely a God thing for sure, but couldn’t have done it without both sides of our family helping and supporting us through it all, and of course all our friends’ encouragement and prayers. it is pretty amazing.

we got to visit the house for the first time as owners last night. we just laid on the living room floor trying to soak it all in. it was surreal. we are so thankful and blessed. and knowing our baby will have a room is exciting!
now the fun part begins….packing! (well the unpacking in the new place is more fun) but packing party starts this weekend!! definitely no where near ready. ha. i love my friends who are going to help. :)
PLUS..instead of taking up half of our bedroom, i have my own separate room just for my craft stuff! i know husband is really happy about that. :) (pretty sure mine will not look like that one…isn’t is gorgeous though!) also….have to give a huuuuge shout out to husband. he went way out of his way to make sure this happened and i know he sacrificed a lot with his work schedule. he is pretty amazing and i can’t thank him enough for his hard work and dedication to our family.**pics of the house coming soon!

hope everyone has a great day!!! does anyone else have some great news to share???

peace and love