new design…again

Category: everyday | May 13th, 2011

(sneak peek!)
so i know i just changed my header on my blog not too long ago…BUT i am not 100% happy with it. so i have been tinkering with other designs for quite awhile now. it’s kind of exhausting. especially when i don’t really know what i am doing or what i want. haha. but i am happy to say that i FINALLY came up with something i love. there are some things that i don’t know how to do, coding wise, so i have to wait (patiently) for husband to help me out….but i plan on launching the new look either sunday or monday! eeeeek! so excited.

(P loves sleeping next to me while i work on the comp…super cute)
**update: i wrote this post the other day, wanting to publish it but noooooo my comp had to go all crazy on me. so i took it in (hoping it wouldn’t take too long since P was with me) but of course not. went to two different places to stand in line and just tell me that it’d take at least a week and lots of $$..and 5 hours later, nothing fixed. pretty much said i’m better off with getting a new lap top. sigh. just what i need. well i mean a new lap top would be nice but you know those things cost money…lol. (i’m a mac person btw) so in the mean time i’m putting up with all the funky noises it makes and having to shut it down every hour or so. still hoping to update the blog design this weekend! might have to steal husband’s comp and work on there.

in other news…i’m excited for the massive giveaway/website launch party that lovella bowtique is putting together! she is an amazing lady/mama/crafter/business owner! PLC will be involved in the giveaway! this is a must see! i’ll keep you guys updated on when this begins. hope everyone has a great weekend! penny and i are off to a women’s retreat this weekend. uber excited. i’ll leave y’all with a couple of my fav recent pics of penny. i absolutely looove when she stretches. hehehe