new adventure.

Category: baby | August 19th, 2010

husband and i took a trip downtown to visit another birthing center today. fell in love. this is definitely a new adventure for us…along with our first baby! we haven’t made our decision yet as to who we are going to go with but i am so excited. i fell in love with this midwife. she’s been doing it for 36 years! i think she knows what she’s doing. this is a huge decision to make and i just wanted to share a little bit with y’all! will definitely let y’all know what we do and of course the whole experience with it.
also got a new watch today! 12 bucks. can’t complain. i made the mistake of letting my niece play with my last watch and now i can’t find it. ha.
ps. this is my fav drink of the moment. :) barely has any caffeine so i am good to go. and it’s called peace tea. who doesn’t want to drink that?! what’s your favorite drink??

peace and love