new additions

Category: everyday | April 12th, 2011

miss penelope has been a great napper today and has allowed for some quality knitting time. i have been working on a new piece to go in the shop. eek! doing lots of colors too. pretty spring colors. i love knitted accessories. hopefully i can post them up tomorrow. you’ll have to stop by and check out what they are! :)

hope everyone has a great day!! Oh AND i have a super cute giveaway coming up this week! excited to share!!

  • Rachel Joost

    I didn’t know that you knew how to knit. You could have made your own baby blanket…JUST KIDDING! ;)

    • Kristen McAshan

      there’s no way!….well i guess i could have, but it would have been just one color and straight lines and no patterns….soooo boring. lol i only know the basics of knitting. i need to branch out and learn.