new addiction

Category: everyday | September 15th, 2011

guys….let me tell you. i really really tried to not get sucked into this addiction. i was doing so well. but got me. pinterest is addicting and evil and i blame it for my lack of sleep, from my already lack of sleep. but it’s amazing. if you remember, i’m trying to turn our house into a home (very slowly, but surely) and pinterest is some super inspiration for projects. it’s also overwhelming, because i see all these things i want to do and it adds up and then i get overwhelmed and then hate pinterest. hahaha. anyone else feel this way?!? ;)

**so far i only look at stuff “for the home” but you can follow me: kristen mcashan. and if you have some amazing pins that are realistic/amazing for the home then do share!!! :)

  • Lynne Williams

    I can not agree more. Pinterest is completely engaging and I love being able to save so much information in a visual format, after all I am a visual girl. It has allowed me to find some great deals, great products, and so much inspiration. Enjoy:)

  • Maike

    I had no idea such a website existed!! Thanks for introducing it to me! Love it

    • Kristen McAshan

      oooh you’re going to get addicted! watch out, i warned you! ;)