neighborhood egg hunt

Category: holiday | April 10th, 2013

bunny IMG_5871 IMG_5881 open-eggs IMG_5927 IMG_5918 hairIMG_5931 bestie IMG_5963 IMG_5966
we had our annual neighborhood Easter egg hunt a couple weeks ago (yes i am just now posting photos from it) and as you can see miss P had a great time. i just want to say that her buddies are the best!…we were running late to the park (oops) and there weren’t any eggs left so a couple of her friends willingly gave up some of their eggs so she could have a chance to find some. soo sweet! it was fun watching her get excited about each egg and of course opening them to see the goodies inside! i was so excited for her to use her new Easter bucket made by kari on designs. (she does a lot of personalized/monogrammed goodies.¬†go check her out!!) i love that she will be able to use this bucket each year….miss ruby got one too. :) i have more photos of the girls on actual Easter Sunday that i will post also…in their matching dresses. because who doesn’t want to see sisters in matching dresses?? ;)