need a blog button??

Category: DIY | January 5th, 2011

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since i had some help with creating my first button, i can’t exactly tell you how it happened. :) sooo i looked up some helpful links that might…be helpful. check these out!

beautify your blog: part 1 creating a linked button: craftaholics anonymous
how to make a blog button: blogging with amy
how to design a blog button *with updates*: musings of a housewife
how to make a logo and image button: blogspot tutorial
how to make a blog button: jenieshell’s design challenge

these are just some i found when i googled. there are tons out there if none of these work for you. try it out. take a little time and then your button can be on my site!!

peace and love

  • Amber

    I made a button, but I can’t get it on my page for some reason! Ugh! Thanks for the links though!

    • Kristen McAshan

      great about the button! i’ll email ya.

  • Amber

    Thanks! I got it all to work except… the pic wont come up now! :( this is my blog: do you know if you can change the web address thing of your blog?