morning date at lowe’s

Category: everyday | June 25th, 2011

so if you’ve been following me, i have mentioned how we still have not done any decorating in our house. in a few days it’ll be a year since we moved in. :) AND i am happy to say that we are getting somewhere!!! or i think the mister is tired of hearing me bring it up…every other day. oops. i mean, gotta get things done around here somehow. :)

i think it helped that husband wanted to get stuff for the garage…so since we were there then no excuse! ;) he got his manly garage stuff and i got paint! (we totally fit all that stuff in our car…with some on the roof too. i was nervous the whole way home. haha)

P was a good sport the whole time. such a good little shopper. here she was totally watching her daddy load the car, secretly wondering how he was going to get everything in.

ps….started painting today!!! let’s just say i need to work on my painting skills according to the mister. haha. i’ll post pics soon. :)