more pom poms

Category: baby | January 12th, 2011

so i’ve been working on a new header for PLC today and haven’t had any luck. bummer. so i moved on. and made some pom poms for the baby’s mobile. i found one for $5 the other day and just replaced the old hanging down things with these. :)
baby mobile
on another note: i’m 39 weeks today! (i know i still need to post week 38) but yay! getting closer to her arrival! happy wednesday!

peace and love

  • Jessica @ TSOP

    This pom pom mobile ROCKS! Love it! Congrats on week 39…Almooooost there!

  • Amanda

    Holy cow I can’t believe you’re 39 weeks!!! And that I’ll be there in another 6 weeks! Time to post pics of that nursery so I can get inspired, missy. :)

  • Timothy Stout

    Just getting started with my wife. It is amazing how many thing flash before your eyes when a kid is on your mind.