monday funday

Category: baby, everyday | February 7th, 2012

yesterday we were out and about allllll day. miss P was amazing. although i’m sure the 2 hour nap in the car helped. lol. we started out at the Austin Children’s Museum for the Baby Bloomers. it was our first time, and i am in love! i’m sure P is too, since she had so much fun. this place was filled with so many baby/toddler (3 and under) friendly things. so many activities and hands on stations. we spent 3 hours there and there was never a dull moment. saw some of her buddies there too. we had a great time. if y’all are ever in town on a monday from 9-12 then i highly suggest this place! small fee, but well worth it.

we had a birthday party to go to downtown at central market as well so we stayed around (since it’s about an hour ride home), she took a two hour nap and i had lunch in the car. :) then it was time to hang out with a bunch of 5 year olds! she had so much fun watching them and trying to keep up with them. oh and climbing anything and everything. it had rained right before. that didn’t stop her. she was soaked, but had a smile on her face the entire time.

look what made an appearance. ;) there’s still more leftover. get these¬†things¬†away from me! anyone want some? seriously.

monday funday was great. an hour and 15 minutes later we were home. whew.