lovely easter weekend.

Category: everyday | April 6th, 2010

easter egg hunt
it is starting to get warmer!! and i love it….for now. :) we had a wonderful Easter. some lovely ladies helped me hide over 600 eggs before church service. grateful for them.
so many eggs/candy were donated to the church it was awesome!….plastic, confetti, and even some hard boiled. ha. kid’s church went well….around these times i get a little nervous teaching the kids the resurrection of Jesus because it is soooo important that i don’t want to leave anything out! lol but i think they got it. :)
i’m pretty sure they would have ran me over if i didn’t let them start the hunt…they almost ran over lisa…ha. i have amazing pics of the kids (but i feel weird putting them up here without their parents’ permission) sooo just imagine how cute they are! :)
look at those handsome men…
men and baskets
look at those handsome men and their baskets. :)
charissa and i
not sure what’s going on…but i love her dimples!!
working it
husband told us to “work it”…this is what we got. hahaha. i adore my friends.
2 huge events this weekend plus everything else…wore me out. but in a good way. ha. now on to school stuff…(over half way through with this term!!) and more cooking (bought new vegetarian books!!)…and more crafts. i need to craft something. what shall i do next???

peace and love