lots of coffee

Category: everyday | April 15th, 2010

rainy days call for extra coffee…..and extra coffee we did drink. got a little jittery there for a second. haha
started off my day with one of my good friends at good ole starbucks. brought in my mug for some free coffee!!! makes coffee taste even better. after spending 2.5 hours there…we joined the men for some bbq. delish.
more coffee
then clearly we got more coffee and went house hunting!!! ahhhh. first time ever!! oh i am so excited. our lease ends this month (clearly we aren’t leaving by then…but it’ll be soon by God’s will). met our realtors….they are amazing. old friends of husbands so that makes it even better. i’ll be sure to let you know the details when they come!!! hope everyone had a great day!

ooooh and happy news!!!! my sister is going to have another baby!!!!! oh how i love babies and all my nieces and nephew!!  praise God!
molly panda loves you.

peace and love