let’s try this again…

Category: everyday | October 28th, 2011

so i randomly found out the other night that i was doing¬†P’s costume¬†in the wrong color order! so not cool. lol. this was after i already dyed 2 onesies yellow (the first one had a stain on it) and bought more orange tulle online (priority mail shipping too!) because i went to too many other stores and no one had any. so long story short….i guess don’t eat enough of these things to know the correct order of colors. so let’s try this again…..
**i do have an idea of how i’m going to use the yellow onesie with a stain. fun! and the orange tulle will be put to good use for P’s bestie and her 1st bday outfit!! it all worked out. :) happy friday!!!!!!!!!!!