last minute things

Category: everyday | May 20th, 2011

more like lots of last minute things….to make for the trunk show tomorrow!!! ahhh can’t believe it’s tomorrow (well technically it’s today). and yes if you were wondering, i am a procrastinator. always have been, and probably always will be. oops. good thing i got lots of sleep last night (thanks to P!) so i can work allll tonight. :) i don’t get much stuff done during the day because i am too busy rolling P back over on her back because she is super upset being on her tummy (yet she immediately rolls back on her tummy). ooooh i will be excited when she learns to roll both ways. it’s like a game to her…see how many times i can get mama to roll me back over. haha. she’s winning.

well i’m off to finish everything up (and enjoy this midnight snack). i’ll be updating throughout the day tomorrow through tweets if you want to follow. hope everyone had a happy friday!!!! (sad i missed out on the bridesmaids festivities tonight….sending my love though!) :)