jumper love.

Category: DIY | February 25th, 2010

i don’t do many apparel projects but i want to get back into it! so i was motivated to create a lil jumper. this was one of those projects where i didn’t really know if it would work out. ha.
before clothes
i used an old pair of cotton shorts (pretty sure the elastic was about to give out) some waist band elastic and a nice stretchy shirt (stretchy enough to step into and pullover)….and i’m pretty sure this is one of my bestie’s shirts that i have had for several years, but i didn’t think she would mind. hehe
step 1: measure your waist for the waist band. make sure it’s snug enough but not too tight…and then add an inch or whatever your liking for the seam allowance. i used a zigzag stitch. (i’m not an expert with elastic but that seemed to work).
pin shorts
step 2: i did the shorts next and i pinned it to the waistband. make sure you stretch the elastic to match the shorts. i went pin crazy again.
sew shorts
new shorts
step 3: sew together! i used a stretch stitch on my machine and i did it in about 1/8 of an inch. i then cut the old elastic off. (saving it for another project??)
pin to shirt
step 4: i then went pin crazy again and pinned the shirt to the other side of the waist band. if your shirt has gathers then make sure you spread them out evenly. :)
sew shirt
step 5: sew the shirt to the waist band…again with a stretch stitch.

now you have a jumper! :)
i wanted to add a little more so i sewed up some little patch pockets! i also took off the white bias stripping on the shorts. i wanted to take it off the sides too but that was too late. :)
super excited about this jumper. however it snowed the other day so i don’t see myself wearing this anytime soon. but who knows…this is texas so maybe it’ll be 80 degrees tomorrow. :) i have a bunch of other clothing articles that need some revamping. hmmm..what should i make next??? AND thanks Rachel for featuring another post of mine on her lovely One Pretty Thing!!!

peace and love