i’m back! with lots of pics

Category: everyday | June 13th, 2011

i feel like it’s been much longer than a week since i’ve posted on here…but we’re back from a little vaca we took. spent a couple days at my parent’s house and then we (yes, P came along too) went to church camp with the youth! let’s just say i am super grateful for air conditioning and i hope that P can take the heat a lot better than me when she grows up. lol. here’s our week in photos. (ps-i heart instagram)

road trip with mama, worn out baby, watching some grover with cousins, sweet melky hanging out, and went swimming for the first time with grammie!

showing some cousin love, watching the mavs game, awesome shirt, awesome finals!! MFFL!!!

this umbrella was a life saver, first time on a swing, enjoying her thumb, baby bunny!!, and halfway sitting up!

bathroom hang outs bc the worship band was way too loud, hanging with aunt jeni, the mister preaching the morning session, swimming with miss emily, baby ear plugs, lol

P helping the girls not get hit by water balloons, ready to go riding, star was a good/stubborn horse, stay hydrated guys!, P looking cute

youth group singing their hearts out, chocolate syrup smiley face, sister and bubba, all the ladies, and proud g-rents with all their g-babies. :)

i had a great time but i am excited to be back home! and ready to get my bloggin on again. missed you guys!! happy monday!

  • danielle

    so glad youa re back! looks like lots and lots of fun! I wish c would take interest in sitting up…he just wants to stand all day. :( P is just way too cute and I LOVE her leg warmers!!!

  • http://marci-itsalwayssomething.blogspot.com/ marci

    Wow! That’s a lot of pictures! I LOVE IT!!! I’m glad you enjoyed yourself. :-)

  • http://www.galofalltrades.com kelly

    I’m in love with Penelope. And your blog is great! I enjoy reading it!!!

  • liz

    great to have you back to blogging again after such a busy week! isn’t it funny how long it really feels when you haven’t updated in even a few days. love all of the pictures, sure wish i had a nice enough phone to use instagram lol.