i wish i had a pool…

Category: everyday | June 14th, 2011

  • http://www.bedifferentactnormal.com Lorie

    I am so glad our neighborhood has a pool that isn’t too crazy crowded. Next year when penelope is a little bigger you will have to check out some of the splash parks! They just opened a new on at the Williamson Regional Park that is pretty great.

    Good luck keeping cool!

  • http://piglogsandtaterberries.blogspot.com Peggy

    OH my dear I am so sorry! Those temperatures are insane!! I have to admit I’ve been whining because we are going to be cold this week…. when we had been around 90. I mean tomorrow our high is lower than your low…ick! How about we split the difference!?!! Say mid 80’s for both of us! If only… :)
    (we have a birthday party on Thursday but they are calling for rain… oh did i mention it was supposed to be a swimming party for our soon to be 12 yr old? wish us well… 5 12 and 13 yr old boys… possibly inside if we get the thunderstorm they are calling for… but we will make the best of it! water balloons in the garage!!)
    Try and stay cool!!!

  • http://www.allthings-jane.com Lisa

    oh, my! We had two days of those temps, but now our highs are about the same as your lows. Sending cool thoughts your way!

  • cath

    We had temps in the 90’s the past two weeks and of course our central air died. Nearly 10 days with no A/C did not make for a happy menopausal camper to say the least. We have a pool although I’m not a big fan until the past heat wave I practically did my emailing from there. Anytime you are up our way, stop in the pool sits clean and unused most of the summer. Oh you might have to compete with our labs who sneak through the gate and dive in every chance they get.