i can wear my jacket again!

Category: DIY | February 23rd, 2010

so i don’t know how i get all these random stains on my clothes. but i am glad i kept them for snowy days like this! :)before
here’s the lovely jacket and the lovely stain. lame.

used some extra pedals i had laying around (tutorial) and some hand stitching with some yarn and yay!
new jacket
new jacket
i love it even more. stain and all.

on a side note. the snow is still sticking. :) and i ate capers with my lunch. getting crazy over here. haha. much love!!
new jacket

peace and love

  • http://thefruitysalad.com olivia

    what a cute idea.

  • http://thetraintocrazy.com Andrea

    Very nice update!

  • http://www.kristenmcashan.com Kristen McAshan

    thanks olivia and andrea!!! :)

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