hugs and kisses

Category: everyday | February 16th, 2012

happy belated valentine’s day! ;) we’ve had a busy week so excuse my tardiness. i hope everyone had a great valentine’s day! and for those who don’t care for the holiday…well i hope you at least told someone you cared/loved them. :) (i mean you should do that everyday like 100 times, but just saying) :)

my dad came in town this past weekend and spoiled us with his presence. he even took care of miss p one morning and let us sleep in until 9:30! ah-mazing. we had tons of fun and miss p was extra cute. thanks dad!!

tuesday the mister surprised us with a day trip to san antonio and treated us to the zoo and dinner! so much fun. don’t worry i have tons of pics that i will post later today…hopefully. :) i can’t believe it’s almost the weekend again. time seems to really fly by extra fast these past few weeks. not sure if i’m okay with that. but it is true what they say…time flies when you’re having fun. lol. happy thursday!

(ps…took P to see elmo and she wasn’t so sure about him. that’s as close as she got. haha.)