happy thursday

Category: everyday | March 4th, 2010

happy thursday!!! hope all is well with you. not sure when i will get my sewing machine back. that thing has been through a lot with me. many, many, MANY hours of sewing for school. all my fashion girls know what i mean…aww i miss those girls. maybe one day i will get a new machine, but that one….which my parents gave me about 6ish years ago is still going strong. besides the minor injury. :) in the mean time, working on a knitting project AND fun stuff for my friend’s baby shower! helping out with decorations. exciting! on another note…here’s some lovelies for ya.
miss this
like this
love this
want this
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<——-also…added some links on the left side for y’all. email, facebook, and twitter! just started a twitter. never thought i would, but why not. so mine looks really puny. so if you have a twitter…find me! and i’ll follow you too! :) i’d love to know those random things about you. have a great one! be blessed.

peace and love