happy memorial day!

Category: everyday | May 31st, 2010

first off…thank you to all those out there who served our wonderful country! and to those who are! y’all are amazing! second…hope everyone enjoyed their day off! and for those who had to work…i am sorry. i’ve been there. no fun. got to see my bestie this morning at one of our fav meeting joints…good ole starbucks. :) enjoyed some good coffee and convo.
we also had great weather today at the lake! took some of the kids in the youth and a few friends of mine to soak up the sun. although i pretty much stayed in the shade half of the time. did enjoy some volleyball, legs in the water and toooons of food. in a food coma now. (didn’t take any pictures today! sad day). but definitely enjoyed being with friends and hanging out.
now going to relax even more with husband. :) pardon my absence from the blog lately…i have a really good reason! that i will share with you later this week!!! can’t wait. but i will definitely be getting back into it. a little motivation helps a long ways too. :)
thanks for reading! i sure do miss you guys. enjoy the rest of your night and have a great start to this week! it’s june tomorrow!!! crazy!

peace and love