halloween costume ideas

Category: everyday | September 21st, 2012

i am loving this pic of miss P. this was last year for her first halloween. we had such a good time, but i am even more excited for this year because 1) she can walk up to the doors now and 2) she will have a better idea at what’s going on….or at least until she realizes what she gets when she goes up to the door. i may be a bit excited myself about all her candy. :) i had fun making her candy corn costume┬álast year…it was pretty easy and she actually kept the tutu and headband on the whole time. this year i am not so sure how she will manage with “props.” i have a few ideas that i’ve seen on pinterest that i think she will tolerate and that i can make myself (while not taking forever and a day).

the mister and i didn’t dress up last year but we did the year before when i was pregnant with P. good ole juno. :) (i totally left my sunny d jug at home). i want to dress up again but i have no idea what. i’m loving all the pregnant costume ideas. hmmm. do you make your kiddos costumes??




  • Jennifer Burchers

    Hey there! Yes, I made my girls costumes. The first ~ Anna was a strawberry. Lacy wore it for her first Halloween as well. They were chickens one year. Quite the cutest chickens ever. Don’t always check in with you here…but always love it when I do. Love keeping up with “P”. And baby to be! xo

    • Kristen McAshan

      aww hey jennifer! thanks for stopping by! i bet your girls were super cute in those costumes! you are a crafty mama too. :)