fun finds

Category: everyday | October 11th, 2010

since we moved into our house my parents have happily given me allllll of my boxes of “stuff” that have been hanging out in their attic for years. it was a lot. i had a HUGE trash pile, medium giveaway pile, and a small keep pile. well i think it’s small, but i’m sure husband would say it’s not. :) found LOTS of funny notes and random things i kept, but i did come across some fun vintage things!!
jewelry box
thinking this is a jewelry box, but it will hold some fun goodies in my studio. it’s so pretty.
LOVE this super cute wallet. haven’t switched over to it yet but will do! it’s a fun orange color inside too.

we don’t have many thrift stores or vintage places around me (or at least not that i know of just yet) so i don’t get to go hunting. so i was uber excited to find these!

peace and love