four simple goals.

Category: everyday | October 3rd, 2010

got this fun idea for elsie over at A Beautiful Mess….LOVE her blog.
….before 2011!!

1. to have the nursery finished! baby is due in january so clearly we need to have it done before then. right now…there’s absolutely nothing in the room. we have several ideas and started the furniture shopping process as well (thanks to both sides of grandparents!!)

2. to take more pics of friends and family. i used to be the queen of taking pics. i guess life has gotten in the way, but i miss the camera action and going through tons of pics and smiling. i definitely need to put my camera to use. life is changing before my eyes!! must document!

3. to decorate my new studio room…and love it. we just recently moved and i haven’t had a chance to tend to my “studio.” i like that name better than craft room. my studio took up half our bedroom at our last place, and this time i have a whole room. must take advantage of that!

4. to have at least 100 followers of my little blog. i am slowly but surely gaining some fans and followers on my blog. i check it each time…(it’s on the right side of my blog) and i get all excited when i see the number go up. i feed off of comments and readers feedback.

these are just four….but i have lots. lots to do with my personal life too…(these are just for the blog) once i master these i will post more! everyone should do this!! what are some of your goals???

peace and love