for the teething baby

Category: baby, DIY | June 30th, 2011

P has been teething for a bit now, pretty much anything she can get her hands and mouth on. ha. it’s been forever since i have worn necklaces but i saw this cute tutorial and saw it as a win/win for both of us! a bit of sunshine posted this super easy and cute tutorial for a teething necklace for her baby girl, so i made one too!

i used some fabric i had laying around that was already washed and some beads from an old necklace i haven’t worn in a long time. followed the simple steps, let P play with/slobber all over the fabric to distract her while i finish braiding, and yay!

(you did not want to see my hair that day) ha

  • danielle

    love love love this….wish it was ok for boys to wear cute necklaces, haha!

  • Teething Tablets

    Cute overload!! I would sew double layer to it to make sure there is no chance of the fabric tearing. Thanks for sharing with us!