smoothies=new obsession.

Category: everyday | February 4th, 2010

bananas. they are interesting. there are times when i buy a bunch of them and we eat them all up really fast..then there are days when i buy a bunch and we don’t eat them…lol and they start to get brown and i do not eat mushy bananas. sooo instead of throwing them away…freeze them!!!!

i normally make banana smoothies…thick smoothies…mmmm.
(for one decent size smoothie)

* 1 frozen banana
* 4 ice cubes
* soymilk (enough to mix it but not too much where it’s not thick)
* spoonful of reduced fat peanut butter

this makes a delish drink. today i felt adventurous and made a new drink. not gonna lie…it’s not as good as my banana smoothie but it’s pretty good and very healthy!
green smoothie
green. i know what you’re thinking. haha. i was nervous too. not sure what to call it yet but this is what it is…

* 1 frozen banana
* 1 frozen peach
* handful of fresh spinach greens
* 1 cup or more of water

this smoothie will help alkalize the body….and no more colds! :) just a little tip for ya. so hopefully no cold for my hubby. i made him drink one. no open mic night tonight for him..sad day. but this way i’ll get some stuff done around the house and actually cook some din. have a great night!!!

peace and love