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Category: DIY, guest bloggers | August 1st, 2010

happy sunday everyone! today you can find me over at Adventures in Dressmaking! it’s a previous tutorial i posted awhile back, but it’s one of my favorites. if you haven’t been to her blog before then you are in for a treat! she has tons of refashioning and creative projects, especially with clothes. thanks again Suzannah!

we are having a great day here. lovely church service. we sang a new song today and it went very smoothly. i think everyone liked it. Mexican food for lunch=yummy, and now hanging out with husband. rest is good. hope everyone has a great day. enjoy it while you can. come back later tonight for my 15 week belly!!
molly in hole
check it: after a big rock was dug up from our yard molly found the hole to her liking. :)

peace and love