feather friday

Category: everyday | February 19th, 2010

some inspiration for the day….
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i have a bunch of feathers i want to do something with…hmm. these pics are fun. although i can’t see myself walking around the grocery store with a bunch of feathers in my hair. but hey….it’d be fun. :)
the girls and i tie dyed shirts today! well…i pretty much did most of it since there wasn’t enough gloves for them…and they were too big for them too…ha. i think i scared them from getting dye on their hands because i said it won’t come off for a loooong time. ;) didn’t really matter though because 3/4 of my fingers are blue and pink….hmm. can’t wait to see how they turn out!!


oh and this has been my fav snack of the week. i used to not cut my oranges this way….man have i been missing out. this is sooo much easier and tastes better i think. whatever works to get me eating more fruit. haha. oh and raspberries=all time fav fruit. :)
this has been an interesting week, but i just want to say thanks for everyone! family, friends, followers, and readers. i am loving the love and the inspiration. so thanks! means a lot. i have a feeling the Lord is going to be working through my life even more these next several weeks. looking forward to that! going to see a play tonight! some of the youth are in it so i am excited to see what they have been working so hard on!…..**giveaway! :)

peace and love