every girl needs a tutu.

Category: DIY | January 10th, 2010

just a few pics that are inspirational…i made these for some of my nieces. :) can’t be too girlie. and thanks to my mom who gave me tons of tulle to work with. leftover tulle will be in future projects. hmm…
pink and purple tutu
orange and white tutu
baby tutu
purple tutu
orange and pink tutu
i heart my nieces. they seem to enjoy the other toys too. :)
alphabet bean bags
plush blocks
sweet face
precious. i get to see this face quite a bit now. :)

had a great weekend. super busy, long hours, but totally worth it. painted the new youth room (yellow, orange, brown, and light blue), and hopefully will get the kid’s church room painted soon. neck is a little sore. lol church was great. i heart sundays. excited for this week to come. it’s going to be a good week.

OOOOOH and style school started today!!!! ahhh i’m going to be extra busy now for the next 6 weeks!!!

peace and love