eventful day!

Category: baby, everyday | May 16th, 2011

so as you can see i “launched” my new blog design today!!! yay for me! i am super happy with the turn out…and won’t be messing with it. (at least for a year, bc that’s what my husband said). haha. he helped me (along with another team member of his) with the coding parts and am super happy they did. i have been bugging him for quite some time now….so i know both he and i are glad to be done with it! lol ***in order to see the new parts you must REFRESH your browser. weird huh? well apparently we did a short cut and unless you refresh the browser than my old stuff will still be showing. soooo in other words, refresh. now. :)

also! penny pants rolled over today for the first time!!! she has been really working on this for a week (from her back to her belly). you can tell she gets frustrated when she doesn’t get it. but she did. so proud! and now….she looooves to be on her belly. i will turn her back on her back to give her a break, and literally 5 seconds later she’s on her belly. ha. which also means more slobber. lots of slobber. lol

aaaand last but not least, she laughed today. not just her little coo laugh, but a hard core lil belly laugh. i got teary eyed. it was/is sooo cute. oh em gee. so today has been a great day. didn’t get too much done, but it was great. (i love how tiny she looks in the jumperoo. hahaha. she’s not too sure about her new toys)

off to work on some display ideas for the trunk show. it’s coming up…ahhhhhh. not ready, but super excited. enjoy the rest of monday!