even clay pots need a makeover.

Category: DIY | November 12th, 2009


I was given this gorgeous dendrobium orchid (from one of my sister -in-laws and her family) and I just love it. I have been wanting one for awhile, and now I can look at it everyday! this beauty came with a regular clay pot as its home, but I thought this plant is too fabulous to not have a fabulous home. soooo I gathered up some yarn (I knew it would come in handy), magical hot glue gun, and about 10 minutes. BAM…makeover.

lonely potlonely little pot before…

yarn to the rescue!!! I got this idea over at Craftzine. it is so easy and fun. I started from the bottom (secured with glue) and worked my way up. I didn’t even mean to, but these colors are perfect for the fall!

new friend


molly panda and I took a quick stroll outside and let the orchid do some nature bonding. I think they got along well. new besties. : )

yarn to the rescue


everyone is happy. give it a try! you can do this on glass vases, plastics, etc.

peace and love

*Earth laughs in flowers.  -Ralph Waldo Emerson

  • http://homemademamas.blogspot.com/ Homemade Mamas

    Love this idea! Our plants would be so happy! Now all we need to get is some yarn…. :)

  • http://homemademamas.blogspot.com/ Homemade Mamas

    We recently made these to use as homemade gifts, and posted about them on our blog today! Of course we’ve linked back to you! Thanks for the great idea!