end of the belly series

Category: belly series | February 4th, 2011

so i have been looking back at my belly series and am still amazed at how my belly transformed. so i wanted to go back and post all the pics i took just for fun. :) i secretly miss having her in my belly. weird, i know. but after having her in me for almost 10 months…that’s a big deal. (so i missed a few weeks here and there, oops). and sorry for the random cropping, you get the idea. :)
week 12week 13
week 15week 16
week 17week 19
week 20week 21
weeks 22 & 23weeks 24 & 25
weeks 26 & 27weeks 28 & 29
weeks 30 & 31weeks 32 & 33
week 35week 36
week 37week 38
here i am at 40 weeks…in the tub, in transition, clearly in between contractions. :)
baby girl
and here is the little angel that was growing inside me. what a miracle! i am truly amazed. praise God.