embroidery love.

Category: everyday | February 26th, 2010

vintage book
your embroidery by helen brooks. my mom gave me this book of hers awhile back and i haven’t read it yet…but i already love it.
there’s probably stuff in here we don’t see much anymore…i should learn. :)

having a good friday! getting stuff done. started a new school term: Psychological and Spiritual Aspects of Healing, and Nutrition Across the Human Life Cycle. super excited.


speaking of nutrition. made quinoa salad for lunch. pretty sure i could have eaten 5 more helpings of it. :) don’t worry…i had to look up what that was…AND where it would be located in the grocery store, because i had no idea where to look (and i’m too shy to ask anyone there..ha)

working hard the rest of the day. then youth dinner and movie night! have a great weekend!!!!

peace and love