another egg hunt

Category: holiday | April 11th, 2013

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we had our annual Easter egg hunt after church and miss P got to use her bucket again…and again and again. there were so many eggs that she had to empty the bucket out and go back for more. (i’m very thankful for a generous church family who donated all of the eggs and candy…not to mention time!) the hunt was behind our church in an open field where there are lots of bluebonnets! not as much as last year but it was still nice. i tried to explain to P about how we don’t pick those flowers. ;)

we attempted a family photo and sadly not many came out great. well there are some cute candid ones that weren’t meant to be candid but i still love them. (did you notice the matching dresses?? hehe. thanks mom!) i love how the photos that turned out the best are of me not looking at the camera…or ruby..but she has an excuse. ha. oh well. maybe next time. i definitely want to work on our family picture taking skills.

after a lovely church service and the egg hunt we had a wonderful time grilling out with family at our house. we managed to gather all the girls together with their bunny ears. i’m pretty sure i took about 20 shots of the group in hopes that at least one of them would have everyone looking/smiling. they did pretty good, huh? (ruby is the rebel) ;)

we are in the process of working on our backyard and actually making it look like a real backyard….to where you can go walking around out there. lol. when we moved in (almost 3 years ago) it was nothing but rocks and dirt and those awful sticker burrs that draw blood if you step on them. so i am super thankful for the progress that has been made so far and can’t wait to spend hours and hours outside with family and friends. (thank you husband for all your hard work and dedication to making this happen!) i totally should have taken some before and after photos…because i know you are curious. ;)

…and can we just take a minute to look at how much hair this girl has grown in a year. haha.