DIY ~ paper accordion flowers

Category: DIY | February 6th, 2012

a few of you have asked how i did my fav wall decor for miss P’s birthday. at the time when i was making the actual flowers, i managed to snap a few shots with my phone, so i will just post that. i know i can do it all over again and take better photos with my real camera, but let’s be real here guys. ;)

materials: paper, glue, and however you want to hang them. i used Christmas ornament hooks

*i used 12″x12″ scrapbook paper that i already had on hand (you can use a different size paper…the bigger the paper, the bigger the flower) ;)
1. fold the paper accordion style. back and forth, back and forth. i used 3 sheets of paper for each flower, so i folded all 3 of them together at once. all about short cuts.
2. trim the edges (you can do this several ways to create variety)
3. fold each paper down the middle.
4. glue the fold together for each paper
5. glue all three sides together to form the flower
6. determine how you will hang them and done!! (i used Christmas ornament hooks since i hung them on my blinds, but you can use tape, tacks, string, etc.)

when you have a lot to do, i suggest doing an assembly line. goes a lot faster. :) yay happy paper accordion flower making!

  • Jessica

    Love this! So fun!

    • Kristen

      thanks jessica! hope you and your little family are doing well! :)

  • beth@dot in the city

    They’re so fun & cheerful! I love the look of all the various colors together :)

    • Kristen

      thanks beth! :)

  • robbie.

    i need a reason to celebrate. stat!

    • Kristen

      ha. oh i’m sure you can think of something!

  • Kelly Bara

    Girrrrlll. I totally just got on pinterest and searched “diy accordion flowers” and this came up! Thanks for this :)

    • Kristen McAshan

      haha. yes! you’re welcome mama! this was my favorite decoration at her party, and so easy! :)

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  • Pazaza Doodle

    THANK YOU SO MUCH! My daughter is having a rainbow birthday party and we have no decorations! This helped so much