DIY glitter candles

Category: DIY | December 7th, 2011

so who doesn’t love candles?? a great addition to a home and a great/easy gift for others. now, who doesn’t love glitter?? my sweet friend katy made some of these gems and i fell in love and had to do some myself!

1. materials: plain but soon to be bedazzled candles, glitter, mod podge (or another type of glue, but MP is pretty amazing), paint brush.
2. get your glitter station all ready with glitter plate and drying plate.
3. coat the outside part with mod podge
4. go to town with the glitter. rolling it is the easiest.
5. coat the top part and then sprinkle glitter on top.
6. let it dry and give it a little shake.
7. then do one final coat of MP to seal in the glitter.
8. let it dry over night or for a long time. it takes quite awhile for all the white to turn clear.
9. enjoy! fabulous glitterfied candles.
**great Christmas presents!

thank you katy for the tutorial and your permission. ;)