DIY felt flower pillow

Category: DIY | November 9th, 2011

it’s about time for a little DIY action over here. you can never have too many throw pillows!

1. materials: i had some lovely grayish blue corduroy fabric that needed to be made into something. i went ahead and used two different colors of felt for the petals but one color (or lots) looks great too. i just winged it with the petals and didn’t worry about exact shapes and sizes. you need lots too!
*** i didn’t take pics on how i made the actual pillow case, but i found rachel’s lovely envelope pillow case tutorial over HERE. which is pretty much the same way i did mine. super easy!
*** before you sew the front and back pieces together you will want to sew the petals on the front piece first! makes life much easier that way.
2. find your mixing bowls to trace for the circles. (or anything you like, but these really worked).
3. i started tracing the top part of the bowls and eventually used the bottom part for the smaller circles. they ended up being about every 1/2″
4. this is what mine looked like. i just traced with a pen. (love her wrist roll) :)
5. start laying out the order you want the petals to be in. i overlapped mine a little bit.
6. now start sewing! i followed the circle with the petals which made the petals stand up a bit.
7. this is what it looks like when you get to the last circle.
8. for the middle i just took a one petal and hand sewed it down. i almost did some beads or buttons in the middle. that would look cute too!
9. now you can sew the front and back pieces together using rachel’s tutorial and yay! a new, fun pillow! these would be great for Christmas coming up too!

slowly but surely adding some color to this home. :) let me know if you try this tut yourself!!