dinner time!

Category: baby | July 26th, 2011

so tiny. so simple. so cute. :) miss penny’s first non breast milk meal. lol. yummy sweet potatoes. homemade, of course. ;) even though she’s already 6 months (still need to post her 6 months pics!) i want to wait just a little bit longer before feeding her baby food on a daily basis. but i had tons of sweet potatoes and this awesome cooker i haven’t used yet. plus…i can totally eat it too! it’s just sweet potatoes (although, i might have to add a little butter to mine) ;)

cut up one sweet potato, steamed it, blended it. and done. i LOVE this babycook by beaba. such a neat product! highly suggest it to whoever wants to cook their own baby food. so easy! and now here are lots of pics of P. ha

pretty sure of the 1/16 of the bowl she ate….half of that ended up on her face. ;)

  • http://piglogsandtaterberries.blogspot.com Peggy

    OH I am so glad to finally find someone who has this as a friend asked me what I thought…. and since my youngest is 12. Well we have no need for one… ha ha!

  • http://www.thenourishednest.com Melissa Vines

    Ha! I LOVE the pictures! I just gave Lyric a tiny wee little bit of oatmeal & bananas and she wasn’t too impressed. Sweet potatoes & avocados are next on the list!

  • http://codyandsb.blogspot.com Sarah Beth

    Love all of her different reactions! : ) Are you planning on making most of her food?

    • http://www.kristenmcashan.com Kristen McAshan

      @Peggy-yea! i think it’s a great purchase. :)
      @Melissa-haha. i wonder if P will like bananas. avocados are next too!
      @SB- that is the goal. since i can make big batches and freeze them for later, that helps with the time. have any baby food recipes up your sleeve? :)

  • http://momphotographer.wordpress.com/ Polish Mom Photograp

    I’ve always made my own puree for my daughter. It’s actually very easy and much cheaper that buing. My daughter loves avocado just on its own. These days I blend half avocado, banana, an apple. sometimes to make it not so thick I add a few pieces of watermelon. SHE LOVES IT. I used to blend her boiled carrots with apples all the time. Sometimes I would add a few pieces of celery (boiled of course). The same way I used to sneak a little bit of broccoly or brussel to her foods.
    I remember my daughter first solid food…. :) She was making the same faces! :)

    • http://www.kristenmcashan.com Kristen McAshan

      @polish mom photographer-those sound like great recipes for me to try!! thanks for sharing! :)

  • http://www.babyandtoddlerguide.com what to feed a baby

    Thanks for sharinng this infromative post!