diaper bag help!

Category: baby | June 25th, 2012

with another little one on the way i have been thinking of what i will need. with miss P we stuck with neutral colors for all the baby essentials: carseat, stroller, high chair, etc. there are a few things i do want to invest in and that’s where i need your help! what worked with you and your kiddos? one of the items i would like is a new diaper bag. i am having a hard time “shopping” for a new bag. we don’t live near many places so i do a lot of online shopping. therefore i don’t get a hands on approach.

with miss P i went through a few bags and wasn’t completely happy with them. i also didn’t spend much money on them…maybe that’s why. ;) also…keep in mind that i will have two in diapers and we love to pack lots of snacks. ha. since we live kind of out in the sticks our errands turn into day trips. so really i need one that will hold a good amount but not be massive. i have been eyeing the convertible bags that can be used as backpacks (but i don’t want an actual backpack…i am being picky and would like it to be cute looking still since it will be my purse for awhile). oh and preferably not black. omg. i am soooo picky. no wonder i can’t find one. sigh. i really don’t want to spend an arm and a leg for a bag but if it’s one that will really work and last awhile then i will do it for the kids. ;) sooo with all that in mind….any suggestions?? i’d LOVE to hear your thoughts….even if they are reasons why you don’t like something. those things are good to know too.

a few wish list favs:
1. baby bee bags fabien
2. the bumble collection chloe convertible
3. ju-ju-be be prepared
4. petunia pickle bottom boxy backpack
5. timi & leslie charlie