day trip to the zoo

Category: everyday | February 19th, 2012

on valentine’s day the mister surprised us with a day trip to San Antonio to go to the zoo and dinner on the riverwalk. we’re not much of a “let’s go out and celebrate valentine’s day” couple, but i was all about this. it wasn’t the normal tuesday afternoon event, but it was fun going on a mini road trip with the fam. thank you love!

miss p LOVED the animals…especially the ones that moved. haha. the monkeys were the best. we had fun looking at all the animals and being outside. so far miss P has been to the Dallas zoo and now we can mark off San Antonio. how fun would it be to visit as many different zoos as possible. :) which one’s next??

we had dinner on the riverwalk and then of course had to take a river boat tour thing. haha. it was fun. P was good for the most part, but it didn’t help that it was past her bed time and had been out and about all day already. ;) she passed out as soon as we pulled out of the parking lot. i might have fallen asleep during the 2 hour ride home too… ;) thank you SA for a lovely trip.